Gumbo, Slaw, & Crawfish Pie!


GUMBO 2 GEAUX was created with simplicity, convenience, and affordability in mind in an effort to deliver a unique, memorable

"taste experience" that far exceeds even the greatest expectations.  

Gumbo is probably best known as a "comfort food". 
Which would leave the question: 
"Where do we feel the most comfortable"?
The answer is right in your own home!

Whether it's with family or friends, gameday, holidays, or birthdays,
you won't find any better food than GUMBO 2 GEAUX.

With GUMBO 2 GEAUX ,  your gathering will be affordable, unique, and memorable with virtually no effort, right in the comfort of your home.

While we are growing, we are exclusively serving the Katy area.

Bob Brown

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Katy, TX


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